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Community college provides training programs relevant to local skill demands, incorporating internship with our industry partners.

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We would emerge as the top Design and Vocational College of the country; our faculty and students would be the sensitive and responsible members of the society and we would work towards building skills for creation and equitable distribution of wealth.

Chairman Message

We invite community, industry, business houses, professionals, employers, parents and the students to help us design, deliver various vocational programs to the mutual benefit of society, economy and the community. Education is too serious business to be left to the Government or Educators alone; there is an urgent need for closer interaction between educational institutions and the community. Education is a joint responsibility - we welcome all who have interest in the field of vocational education to come forward and be a part of skill building. Skills are fundamental for creation of wealth and wellness of human society and we are committed to skill building to the world class levels.

Brain Health Training

The brain awareness workshop helps students understand that brain is not a static entity and changes, grows, repairs and heals.

Cognitive Skill IQ Testing

This test is designed to measure learning ability in following areas: Attention, Processing Speed, Working Memory, Logic & Reasoning, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Long term memory.

Brain Awareness Workshop

The brain awareness workshop helps students understand that brain is not a static entity and changes, grows, repairs and heals. Students broadly learn about major parts of brain and their functions.

Become A Licensed Coach For Cognitive Skill Training

The students are required to be minimum graduate with high cognitive skills. The students must have experience of minimum three years as a teacher, coach, counselors with some business development experience. The students after clearing the examination may be absorbed as a coach by CBHT or can work as independent coach with CBHT.

Gibson Test To Test Learning Ability

The Gibson Test is based on Gibson’s Learning Model which is grounded in the Cattell-Horn-Carrol (CHC) theory of intelligence. The CHC Theory is a model of intelligence that describes thinking as a combined set of multiple cognitive abilities including skills such as logic and reasoning, long-term and short-term memory, visual and auditory processing, and processing speed.

Our Team


Ar. Anjula Singh is the honourable principal and the pillar of the institute and besides being the most experienced mentor.....

Vice Principal

Ar.Sushma Rungta is the vice principal of the institute and her many years of teaching experience and profound......

Interior Design Technology

Ar.Priyanka Rajput B.arch(I.d), P.I.A.D.S from Nagpur and Master in interior design from A.p.I.e.d College (Gujarat).....

Fashion Design Technology

Mrs. Priyanka Braha specializes in draping and has creative ideas which is beyond imagination. A highly knowledgeable and.....