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This rigorous specialist design management course helps to equip the next generation of creative managers for a dynamic career in fashion design and innovation management.

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About Us Know About Our Fashion Designing Courses:

Fashion Designing Courses is an art that utilizes the fabric mechanism to shape thoughts into wearable structure. Fashion Designing Course at Chanakya helps to enhance the creative trigger in students thereby increasing their ability to perform better in order to meet the industry level standards in the field of Fashion.

Fashion Designing Courses syllabus is constantly updated. Thus ensuring high end training in the field of design and creativity.

Our faculty supports and encourages students to explore different avenues regarding styles in case of a new design cognizant assortment. We believe in the utmost practical approach, Fashion Designing Courses at chanakya is a complete study of Glamour, Style, Merchandising, and over all Brand building which can be proposed and exposed to the day to day working of the industry.

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Career Opportunities of Fashion Designing Course

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Fashion Designer

Build up your creative aptitude and exceed expectations as a fashion designer

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Garment Technologist

Ensure the most significant level of value with regards to picking and weaving articles of clothing.

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Independent fashion designer or design business visionary

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Material/Fabric Designer

Utilize all that you've found out about texture and materials and become a stalwart fashioner in this industry.

If you visualize a career in fashion design, start in our fashion Design Technology program.

To create technical designers, fashion coordinators, fashion stylists or fashion merchandisers in apparel industry with necessary skills and know how.


The course will provide in-depth knowledge of fashion illustration, styling, fabric study, pattern making, garment construction and fashion merchandising.

Practical Competencies:

  • Practice discipline, hygiene, safety and effective communication
  • Understanding elements and principles of design
  • Introduction to pencil shading and flat sketching
  • Developing a fashion figure
  • Visit to museums/fashion shows & apparel shows
  • Motif development and preparation of samples of Traditional Indian embroidery
  • Practice of seams, samples and garment components
  • Practice of various exercises on Industrial sewing machine using different work aids and machine attachments
  • Handling different types of fabrics
  • Construction of complete garment: men’s shirt, dress, trouser and T-shirt
  • Identification of common fabrics and flagging
  • Sample preparation of dyeing and printing methods
  • Visit to textile/fabric sourcing hub
  • Measurement checking as per spec sheets
  • Pattern and drafting of basic blocks and development of different styles of sleeves, cuffs, shirts etc.
  • Development of commercial patterns from spec sheets/ tech packs
  • Preparation of time and action plan
  • Merchandising calendar
  • Preparation of cost sheet
  • Detailed garment analysis

Theory knowledge:

  • Basic communication skills and building industrial vocabulary
  • Understanding of work ethics, importance of discipline, health and hygiene
  • Safety precautions in garment industry
  • Introduction to fashion business and fashion terminology
  • Understanding fashion industry
  • Familiarization with world renowned fashion designers
  • Introduction to fashion retail business
  • Concept of design conceptualization & development
  • Importance of fashion planning and fashion forecasting
  • Concept of colour theory & colour dimensions
  • Concept of 2D & 3D forms
  • Introduction to traditional Indian Textiles & Embroideries
  • Importance of flat sketch and fashion illustration
  • Introduction to seams and stitches
  • Introduction to industrial sewing machines
  • Importance of work aids and machine attachments
  • Textile manufacturing process, Fabric appreciation and sourcing
  • Importance of quality and quality control
  • Introduction to pattern making tools and equipment
  • Knowledge of drafting of basic bodice block, sleeve, shirt and trouser block
  • Development of various styles of collar, sleeves, shirts, cuffs, pockets etc.
  • Understanding the concepts of merchandising
  • Role and responsibilities of merchandiser
  • Introduction to garment costing
  • Export documentation- Inco and payment terms
  • Profile and organizational set up of a garment industry
  • Introduction to garment styles and identification of components and parts
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Testimonials Students Lasts fora LifeTime

This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about your product or service. How can you benefit them?

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Being here makes me realize the importance of hard work and consistency.Most of all, the course was practical and realistic. All Faculties in Chanakya Community College are knowledgeable and experienced enough to help me through my studies Sachin Nainwani
Kanika-Agrawal icon
I enjoyed my studies, as I found my unit extremely interesting. The Independence the College gave me has helped me to achieve success, as it enabled me to understand the importance of time keeping to ensure that deadlines are handed in on time. Kanika Agrawal
Nisha Patel icon
Chanakya community college is one of the best college in Raipur cg to learn and explore. As becoming fashion designer was my dream since childhood and this college provide me the platform to make my dream come true. I am very proud to be a student of chanakya community college. Nisha Patel

Student Activities

A few glimpses of our institute which is shown by our students, Interns, and experts have a look and know about our Institution.

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Fashion Designing Program

Our Fashion Designing Course Curriculum has been designed by some of the renown designers and industry specialists. Assuring the most updated techniques and study material, keeping in mind the smallest key factors of the fashion industry.We believe in structural syllabus which creates a commendable design base for every learner, focusing on the future Vitae of our students.

  • Experiential Learning

    Benefit from an established entrepreneurship network of academic and industry partners.

  • Mentorship

    Chanakya introduces the concepts of Design, Marketing and Sales Management through a series of Mentoring from experts from the Industry and Designers.

  • Problem Solving

    Case analysis discussing the real world problems in a classroom environment and ensure active participation thereby leading to innovative solution to problems.

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